Blend with Nature in Vera Playa. Feel The Sun. Hear The Birds Sing. Free Your Self.
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Sunbather paradise Vera Playa is where we let our sweet 2-bedroom apartment to naturists. Playa means 'beach' in Spanish. Vera is an old town 10 km inland. It was re-built about a half millennium ago, formerly a village by the shore. The area is rather rural and remote, 80 km from any big city.

There are small Spanish cities Garrucha, Mojacar, Villaricos, Cuevas del Almanzora and more in the near of Vera, nice and worth to visit. >>

Vera Natura on the map
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the villageSounds of the sea, seagull calls, voices of kids playing on the beach--if the images invade my thoughts, then I know, the time is close to pack my vacation bags.

Then I go to meet the warm blue sea, to embrace my barefoot walks on its warm beach, to listen to it and play with its waves, and swim......

We once found this place, Vera Playa naturist resort, and saw it a perfect destination for our holidays, to living our beach holiday daydream. We have visited Vera Playa many times and have fallen in love with it. Something was always special about the place. We loved the sky: clear most time of the year, and the air: not desert hot and only mildly wet. We loved the aroma of coastal subtropics: a blend of freshness, coming from evergreen trees, flowering bushes, the sea and the sun-baked ground. We loved the special kind of naturist society here: family friendly, demographically balanced and just a normal society.

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fruitsThe coastal line in Vera Playa is sandy beach with few pebbles, about four kilometer long. The beach is clean and wide and remarkably flat. Because of its size, it never gets crowded even in high season. The beach has long naturist history, and today is recognized naturist in a big part, while the remaining is thought of (and often used) as clothes-optional.

The apartment we let to visitors is found inside naturist village Vera Natura, first row to the sea. There are ten more naturist villages around it as well as a four-star naturist hotel, Vera-Playa Club. The territory back from the coastal line The beach sand and the sea in Vera Playaline is all naturist, surraunding the naturist settlements. Some of the villages are gated (like Vera Natura, Parque de Vera, etc.), and some aren't (like Natsun and Marina Natura). All of the territory is safe to walk naked, including the streets.

Because of being relatively quiet, and because of its friendly atmosphere, the place is ideal for family travel. It will offer you a relaxing vacation after the big city hectic pace, and can also become your romantic getaway (because this place really takes you away from your everyday routine). If you prefer recreational and stay-fit holidays, you will also find a good reason to land here, thanks to the pure air, fantastic long-range running routes and many cycling directions. The sea is right here for swimming and for beach plays, too. You can also have a minimalistic gym set in the apartment if you neen one.

Discover more of the apartment and surroundings.

Vera Playa Nude-OK Map

The below map gives you a clue about naturist zone in Vera Playa.

Vera Playa nude-OK map

Following naturist villages and a hotel are highlighted with yellow circles.
  1. Vera Natura
  2. Bahia de Vera
  3. Torremar Natura
  4. La Menara
  5. Parque Vera IV
  6. Parque Vera V
  7. Parque Vera I,II,III
  8. Natsun, Vera Luz
  9. Marina Natura
  10. Armoni Natura
  11. Natura World
  12. Hotel Vera Playa Club

The part of the beach on the South is called Puerto Del Rey. This is a textile part but naturist walks are OK in the time when the place is not crowded, usually out of hot season and in early hours. The part in the middle is called El Playazo De Vera and is 100% naturist beach. Further to the North is realy a mixed area where are textile apartments are followed by a naturist camp. (CORRECTION: The territory on the North, strating from Cuevas de Almanzora administration border has recently been declared textile by the government. Watch for the signs).