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Hire Bicycles

The bikes, GHOST SE 1200Bike accessory pack

We have new MTB bicycles in our 'stables', available to hire, of good quality and well tuned. We picked our bikes for their catching look, light weight, sport competition design (adjusted to everyday use), and for being safe to drive. The bikes come from manufacturer famous in the sports world for employing top technology in their products. Name GHOST is known by every cyclist. The model we offer you to enjoy, while is not an expensive top in their product line, is not a low end either. This one is just right for both long range and short range if you aren't speeding for grand prix, but simply love wind in your face and the sensation of well behaving and controllable machine between your thighs. The bike's right geometry and nice mechanics can be always count upon if you want to get a good workout with least risk of damaging your body vital parts: your spine and joints.

SCHWALBE lightweight puncture-protected tires are good on both road and dirt. We don't advise using a bike on wet dirt on purpose though, because effort of making bike clean again is hardy worth so. We picked quiet roads of neighbouring villages as our favorite for morning ride and the coastal road for long range. The coastal road is winding and going up and down at times but mostly level without hard climbs. It is not filled with many cars and is safe to ride bicycle on (if you watch your way and behave). There's yet many other places to cycle to, as more villages are found inland and up to the mountains. But the trip of the kind requires more serious preparation. If you want to test your physical ability and experience cycling uphill in a hard way as so to check whether it is right for you, we advise Mojacar as your first trip.

And what about the short range? Well the shortest range is a naked ride within the naturist zone. Have you tried it yet? If it is the first time you do, you will never forget it. It really rocks and is really good for both your body and spirit. We supply washable seat covers as to insure hygiene when you ride naked.

Travelling with family? Got a small kid but still love to ride? You will applause how well HAMAX child seat was meant for kids under 3 y/o. Your little son or daughter will love it. We have actually been taking ours with us all the time. Even now, after passing age of 4, it has never been a problem. The only thing to put limit to using the seat is kid weight. The seat allows up to 22 kilos. HAMAX child seat is best known in the world for its safety and simplest assembling. The seat requires no maintenance at all. All you need to know is a single button to push for both installing and removing the seat. You may keep the child seat on the bike all the time. And if you take the seat off and ride alone, the seat mount box is all what remains. The mount box is lightweight and sits well on the tube, will never interfere with your pedaling.

The accessories we collected for the bike are everything essential for you to be free about time and way you ride and understand well your body and the bike when you are on the road. We provide a high security bike lock, which you use if you have to leave the bike unattended for a short time in a public place. A bike computer we put in the accessory set is capable of picking the essential information about your ride and showing data on its high-contrast back-lit display. There're some extra information, like outside temperature, clock and etc to be summoned on the display, too. The computer is useful in the dark because of the backlight. We packed more things to assist night riding, including active front and rear lights, both with rechargeable batteries. The front light is high power LED. It does supply with enough illumination as to help you ride bicycle safely on the night road. (Important: Don't ever forget to turn on the lights in the dark and always make sure the batteries are charged. When your lights are on, it makes you visible on the road, and your safety really depends on this!). We have also put a capable and lightweight small pump and provided with good quality helmets.

The accessory set is collected in a 15 litre Speed Light Deuter backpack, which is also a part of the set. The backpack is of good quality and designed specifically for sport activities like running and cycling. It is meant to increase rider performance by reducing extra weight also providing special comfort when you carry it on your back.

Two bicycles are currently available, sizes 48 and 44. The smaller bike targets woman and is equipped with wider seat. Seats may be switched upon hirer request. You hire the bikes at economy price if you order them together with the apartment for the full time you stay. In order to rent the bicycles, please select bicycles in the apartment rental form.

Pick the bikes and enjoy your holidays full scale! Happy riding!

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Recent update. We got an addition to our collection: a 16" kid bike :) . Email us to learn how to get it.

HAMAX Siesta child seat 16" b'Twin kid bike, 8 kg weight Child seat mount Frontlight and bike computer mounted on the handlebar