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The apartment is 1st and 2nd floor duplex. It is well positioned: away from noise and disturbance, and is non-smoking, ideal for families and a perfect choice for healthy holidays. First floor is a spacious lounge combined with fully equipped kitchen. Second floor are two double bedrooms and a bathroom. Every room is air conditioned. The air-cons work as heaters in winter. Two flat screen TV's to watch both sky and local channels are in the rooms. Free Wi-Fi Internet.

Both bedrooms open out to a big terrace east side, offering relaxing sea and garden view. The master bedroom is also connected to a terrace on the west, and there's one more western terrace on the first floor, by the entrance. The terraces are open to the sky and receive a lot of sun. One covered terrace is found first floor, sunny in morning but escaping heat and rains (even if rains are rare in Vera).

There's a lot of vegetation in the Vera Natura territory and a lot of space, as the development is not dense. Only six apartments are in the block, provided with private entrances. A communal outdoor pool and a heated indoor pool are in 1 minute walking distance. Rent the Apartment , Don't see pictures? Try this link

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Video: Beach is Just a Three Minute Walk Away!

Video: Beach is just a three minute walk away!

Video: Naturist Beach by the Apartments

Video: Naturist Beach by the Apartments

Video: Looking Around from 2nd Floor Terrace

Video: Looking Around from 2-Floor Terrace

Video: Cycling in Garrucha (6 km) is Fun!

Video: Cycling in Garrucha (6 km) is Fun!

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Vera Playa cyclist If you are new to naturism, then it is maybe your question what it is like to be on a holiday in a naturist resort. We were new ourselves one day (not far from now). It was the day that we were looking for a new travel idea, and we wanted something really new that time. When we knew of this, we just found it exciting and intriguing, and looked no further. But it also seemed adventurous and kind of risky because it was first time. We didn't know how would people react and how we ourselves react.

We tried to have it as prepared as possible and carefully thought about location. We googled and studied a lot about naturism and searched for every naturist spot in the world we could possibly go. Well, it was a fantastic time, busy with preparations and being happy and filled with expectations. When we did travel, then we did find ourselves unprepared anyway. Then we got very exciting and funny time of learning everything in practice. Two weeks passed quickly, and we were almost caught off guard facing the fact our vacation time wasn't eternity. We have never regretted our "crazy" idea when we got back to normal life and reflected on our vacation, but always missed the place and always looked for chance to return. (And the return we did, buying this appartment and offering it now to you)

Now, what is this 'naturism' like after all, and why do so many people get attracted by it?

The first word to come to mind is freedom. This freedom is by no means connected to being a rebel, but you maybe struggle at first, to adjust your sense of right behaviour if you were rushed. But don't worry. It will hardly take you more than two days to accommodate. Well, okay, some people need up to a week of adaptation--but if you are one of them, you really get an exciting week anyway :) The freedom is peaceful - just remember this. Behave in a friendly manner, be naturally nice, and be happy!

Body acceptance is another term you find highlighted when you learn about naturism. The basic idea is that in any part, shape, size and proportion, human body is just valid because it exists. Not agree? Let's do some logic. Humans are just biologically animated folks on this Earth (aren't they?) - not very much different from others, walking, running and flying dwellers of this planet.

Seriously. What is there to justify us in not being ourselves? What is wrong in only wearing clothes provided by Mother Nature herself, our skin? - Nothing! What we do is healthy (it is!), and it doesn't hurt anybody--it is not a weapon!-- then this is not something to be ashamed of. The great discovery you make in a naturist zone is that being naked and showing any kind of body proportion not only don't hurt, but simply don't draw attention of anybody.

Naturist holidays is a fabulous experience, time when you really enjoy life. Sometime it is like walking in paradise, feeling good in your spirit and body. It maybe works like a medicine, like a full body self-check, not possible by other means. It is like you are in your childhood, being free again, and being happy again, the only way to feel it is do it, like a bird freed from its cage and let to fly, again. You are on your holidays. Let yourself receive naturism in a positive and a very healthy way. In Vera Playa.

sunny beach Vera Natura community rules aren't difficult to follow and are friendly to newbies. There's no requirement to walk naked all of the time. But don't be misguided: Vera Natura is a naturist village inside a naturist resort. Enjoying naturist lifestyle is the reason people travel and live here. Please respect other people wish be surrounded by likes, not lookers. Please be also advised swimming suits are not allowed in pools.

Vera Playa naturist resort is favored by naturist families. We would like the place to continue be this way, so please be discouraged about any explicit show-ups on public. You will be playing it on a right tune, too, if you restrain taking pictures/videos when surrounded by naked people.

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Sergey & Yulia

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Vera Natura Poblada Naturista
04621 Vera Playa (Almeria), Spain

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