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Travel to Vera Playa

Unless you enjoy long-range road trips or got plenty of time or are a nearby location resident, driving all the way to Vera Playa right from your home is unlikely your choice. You will save time and effort if you take a flight. (If you think about environmental impact of flying, then here is something interesting to read Why2Fly: Environmentally Friendly Airplanes are Better than Cars!) By any option of where you land, the resort isn't a walking distance from the airport, while adding to holiday quality in the resort but making you to rely on a ground transportation to cover the remaining part of your travel. You have a choice of doing it by bus, by hiring an airport shuttle/taxi or by renting a car.

Airports nearest to the resort are in Almeria (~86 km) and Murcia (~130 km). But you may also think of Malaga (~300 km) and Alicante (~280 km). There's high speed Mediterranean highway running along the coast a little bit inland. If you drive, you may think of changing it to another road very close to the sea, to enjoy a better view.

If you think of going by bus, take a notice that there's no bus to go directly to Vera Playa from any airport. You have to find two connected routes. A number of bus companies can bring you from airport to Vera, for example, You have to find one operating in the airport you arrive.

Once you are in Vera you get by hourly bus to Vera Playa, and you stop near Consum supermarket, which is 500 meters away from the main entrance of the Vera Natura apartment complex. Look for information about the hourly bus on website

ryanair Typical airport shuttles are . Try Internet to locate more companies like this, or find their offices directly in the airport. Don't forget about taxi's in the airport's parking zone, who will eager to give you a ride.

Car rental is best if you are going to be moving around a lot while you stay. For example, if you stay for 2 weeks, car rental becomes efficient if you drive more than 300 km in total.

There is a number of car hire companies maintaining offices in the airports. The prices vary depending on airport and time and cannot be advised with certainty. You visit the companies' websites to check the prices and pre-order. Several car rental links you will find useful:

Low fare flights in Europe are here:

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Driving Route from Almeria Airport

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Driving Route from Murcia Airport

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